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Thread: [Suggestion] Allow the chinese less violent hero models to be used or bought globally

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    [Suggestion] Allow the chinese less violent hero models to be used or bought globally

    As you see below these are the less violent Chinese alternatives to the current Dota 2 heroes that are meant to override in the Chinese game client. Seeing as other countries do not permit restrictions, other than game ratings, to remove skeletal features, death and violence that we should be able to have access to these models/cosmetics as well. I'm suggesting that each dota 2 player either gets the cosmetics necessary in an update for free to match the Chinese versions, or make them available to purchase as cosmetics. I really enjoy some of the Chinese alternatives and would happily pay to acquire some of them.

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    I really find the lifestealer's mask very badass. I would pay for having one of those.

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    Where the hell is new skeleton king, I want to see how they handled him.

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    Man.. is China THAT bad?

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    lol wut?

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    I would definitely be interested in seeing Naix or Shadow Demon here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stenliii View Post
    Man.. is China THAT bad?
    It would seem so.

    I've never understood this weird aversion to death. Death is a part of life so averting your eyes from it at every turn seems...pointless. I understand respecting death and the dead, but this is taking it a little to far, IMO. It's a fantasy's hardly insulting anyone or converting them to demonic worship

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    And icons! sell icons as well...

    That naix icon <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by uebok View Post
    Muted scum shouldn't have an option to disagree with me. That's why they're muted.

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    They are banned in a video game ? sorry what ? Is China so communist ? Is there a sensible reason to remove teeth and bones ?

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