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HoN got close to it. funny you mention "perfect parity" with wc3 dota. could you get on cliffs in dota1? did chen-pudge-combo work in dota1?
so what you are telling me is that it takes years, ages, to recreate a game from 2002? i guess i need to be a professional game-developer to understand how this could be plausible. i simply cannot understand how this makes any sense, with all those games such as skyrim, far cry3 out there, games with artifical intelligence, realistic environments, physics, iterations, an interactive world - all stuff dota2 just doesnt need to bother with. dota2 is just more complex i guess.
Its actually really hard to replicate what someone else's program does exactly, especially a game with a myriad mechanics interacting in so many different ways. What i'm trying to get at it'd actually be harder to create a perfect clone of skyrim in a new engine than it was to make Skyrim originally.

Two programmers can code a program to do x, and they'll have different code that accomplishes the same thing (One person's might be more efficient ect, all sorts of little differences.

I mean, DotA2 as a game engine is clearly pretty dang functional, it has some stability issues that need to be fixed, but it works quite well

HoN didn't get close to it, it was different in a few key ways. Which is fine in my opinion, if you don't feel the need for perfect parity.

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You know how interesting the compendium as an experiment is to anybody interested in competetive DotA? it's a giant advancement in terms of self stabilized e-sport. You don't care. That's fine. but don't anoy us with it.


if we would break parity with WC 3 at this point:

- 1/2 to 3/4 of the bug list would be gone. And considering how little you notice those 123214214 bugs ingame anyways (how often do you notice them, unless you played unfixed slark or something (or that invis bug with Last Word))

- Developement would be faster (no more need to go back to WC 3 to make changes to DotA 2 gameplay (which hopefully wouldn't increase the patch speed, since I seriously enjoyed seeing magnus, Nyx and PL slowly fade out of favor without any big changes.)

-Developement could get new interesting things done.

Probably further benefits.
Word. I think even more of the buglist would be gone, 80%, development would definitely be faster, there would be a lot of benefits of breaking free of the obtuse WC3 engine in favor of the engine that DotA2's running on. But Valve wants to make a game with parity with WC3 DotA, so we have a laundry list of bugs that are parity bugs