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Thread: The very reasons why noobs exist in dota2 and cause of bad game experience

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    The very reasons why noobs exist in dota2 and cause of bad game experience

    I read someone's feedback a while ago about this tutorial and I never knew why it was negative until I tried it for myself.

    The tutorial teaches the new player, how to lose in competitive dota 2 and fastest way to be abused online for being an idiot.

    1. The long "DRAG" of farming up gold encourages players to auto-attack, which pushes a creep wave in actual Dota 2, which is BAD. REMOVE THIS FEATURE.
    2. Item buying in shops does not reflect ACTUAL item buying at the start. Players should be given recommendations on what to buy but it is up to them to buy it. Let them start with the 600 odd gold too, because that is what happens in AP 5v5.
    3. Do not put KOTL there. Teaching players to use hero abilities on creeps is just BAD.

    The tutorial should focus on teaching things like

    1. How to gank
    2. How to avoid getting ganked
    3. How to lane
    4. How to signal/ping

    It should teach the multiplayer aspects of the game. FORGET the whole immersion and crap. It isn't relevant and going online just gets them verbally abused... very badly while they are happily praised offline, creating a community of bot players.

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    and please finding match meet the team with equivalent level and win records of player

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    The tutorial, in its current form, is designed to introduce new players to the game (and the MOBA genre as a whole). On a simple level, I think that it achieves its goal.
    You're right in that more detail is needed. That's why they're going to add more levels which introduce the more advanced mechanics!

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    Couldn't agree more.

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    to "afriend": totally right imo. I would add another point: the shop should be introduce a bit more. I have a friend and the first time he played Dota2 he had absolutely no idea where to find the items and i had to introduce him to the shop first.

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    there will be more tutorials. game is still in beta

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    As a very first tutorial should be fine. Obviously there should be others which sholud focus on the points you listed.
    Think about someone who has never played dota or similar, you cant introduce him to the game with "dont push lanes, dont get ganked, pull the camps".

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    these are all points which can be and should be addressed seperately in different part of the tutorial as to not throw too much at once to the new player. If you read feedback then you should know that it is only the very first part of an extensive tutorial system so just wait because for now, the tutorial is good at introducing basic concepts

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    I repeat what I said in the edge pan thread: that edge pan is off by default tells me that whoever designed the tutorial not only does not play Dota 2 but never played any MOBA or RTS.
    We need a player review system like Overwatch for DotA 2. Get real people to judge communication abuse, intentional skill abuse, and intentional feeding.

    merci fenix

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