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  • The report/mute system is a good idea and its working properly, leave it be.

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  • It could use some adjustments, but the idea of global mute as punishment is fine.

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  • The idea &/or the execution of the system are essentially flawed, the system needs to be removed.

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Thread: Is the mute system working to improve the community and gameplay experience?

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    Is the mute system working to improve the community and gameplay experience?

    Okay I'll try to make this post as balanced as possible, I'm AGAINST the mute system but i'll be objective, if I forgot to add a good thing of the system please say it and I'll add it to the main post

    • - Reduces the amount of flaming
    • - Makes people more friendly
    • - Punishes bad words and attitudes
    • - It doesn't costs valve (Given its automated)

    • - Cripples every team and player the muted player will play with while muted, extending the punishment to people who didn't have anything to do with the previous abuse
    • - Is automated, hence people CAN abuse it...they only abuse it less now because there's less reports (I'm not saying its always abused, because obviously a lot of mean players are muted as well)
    • - It NEEDS us to have less reports (2 only, so that it wont be abused as much) so people who play more than a couple games a week, run out of reports quickly, and both mean players and other types of game ruiners, walk off unpunished
    • - Gives a tool to trolls and game intentional game ruiners to ATTACK other players and actually have an EFFECT and PUNISH the other person without any admin/mod intervention (Something I have NEVER seen on ANY game EVER)
    • - Makes players AFRAID of making funny comments when something happens in game "I survived with 3 hp :P luckyyyy" or other gentle/friendly taunts, as the other player might be a RagingReportTroll
    • - There's no REAL set of rules written down for which one player can or cannot report someone else (Is it okay to call someone "beginner" instead of "noob?" is "Noob okay?" is "Please, would you be kind enough to stop diving and suiciding 5v1?" an insult? (because a lot of people take it that way)
    • - You can make people think twice about saying "FUCKING RETARD" but you cant educate them in an online game, if they want to bitch at people they'll do, they already do with multiple accounts or simply not playing Sundays and Mondays

    I tried to simplify it as much as I could, but let me draw a

    Personal Conclusion:

    The mute system IS working as intended, its punishing players with a foul mouth, making them think twice about the stuff they do and say, however the problem are the side effects, the system is easily abused, valve knows this so well that they had to reduce the number of reports to 2 (When it used to be 8 not too long ago)...which doesnt matters that much if you play 1-4 games a week..but for hardcore games that play 3-5 days a DAY...have ANY of you reached next sunday still with reports left? (Having played your 3-5 daily games) I think not a lot of people are that lucky, which makes both raging players AND other types of game ruiners go unpunished.

    The chat wheel is a great idea, I use it every day muted or not, makes communication easier and faster...but there's SO MANY THINGS you cant say with a chat wheel that its..pretty much impossible to make one that works to replace text/voice communication, and yeah I KNOW thats part of the punishment, but it doesnt makes it fair for the rest of the team.

    I do know there's advantages to having this system, but I think the disadvantages considerably outweight the advantages.
    And on a side note, I think this guy makes a pretty solid point about the mute system, I agree with him 100%, if you are curious about it you should take a look

    So please share your ideas, do you think the system is okay? why? Do you think its not okay? Why? Any opinions, suggestions, and be sure to vote in the public poll
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    Make a NON automated report system.
    I would rather wait 10 minutes for a balanced, fun and exciting match that will last 1+ hours. Than wait 10 seconds for a poorly balanced crapmatch that will end in 30- minutes
    Valve, How I'm I supposed to respect certain boundaries to prevent a mute if I dont know them because they are different for each and every person on each and every game I play?
    The only type of player that dislikes having his stats public are the players that suck and cheaters

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