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Thread: Journey through MM

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    Journey through MM

    Hello everybody!

    So, to start off I'd like to tell that I love Dota, it's so complex, rewarding and fun. Okay the last part is not true, at least I stopped having fun a month ago and I'm going to tell you why. I don't know what happened to the matchmaking but something must've changed about a month ago, okay maybe not but then I'm the most unluckiest person in earth. Since then I'm having streaks both winning and losing but winning streaks are notably shorter 3-4 then I start having 6-7 losing streaks (on an 8 game losing streak atm :)) and honest I don't know what is going on, I was in Very High bracket for a very long time and I achieved it by myself, I almost always play solo.

    I was having really good matches up there so that part of the matchmaking is really working but the rest is terrible. When I was on my first streak I though ' yeah whatever sh*t happens' then I won a game, cool, then another streak and by that time I was really annoyed because I'd be fine with getting teammates who are not excellent at the game but they are willign to learn, well they were both terrible and dumb.

    No matter what I play SoloMM or regular, AP, SD, RD or all random, I'm getting the worst players you can imagine. Take my last match for example. Weaver gives fb to pudge at mid, how can you die to pudge as weaver? Nevermind, I called offlane because that's the role I love the most and I'm pretty good at it, I even told Slardar to pick either a support and make a trilane or a jungler, guess what he picked, you got it right, a slithery fish :). Then he started contesting the WARDED pullspot againt bounty and veno, I mean, WHY? He managed to feed them 2-3 kills while being absoulety useless and even taking that little farm I could've gotten otherwise. Move on to the botlane, my only hope, Eyeless Void or Faceless technically he has a face... whatever, they were up against an offlane zeus, I'll let that sink in. It was not even a 5vs5 becasue their naix was farming the jungle the whole time. Of course when he came out he had more than our void who supposed to be free farming. We had no ward vision till I had some money to buy some as and offlaner with minimal farm even less than the usual because apparently warlock was busy rushing arcanes and mek while dying in the meantime.

    That's just ONE example of the series of game I had and probably going to have in the future, somtimes when I want to play I rather watch streams because I start to enjoy that more than playing, I always remember that I'm going to play with players who doesn't even get the basics of the game which is quite a shame after 300-400 wins. I'd like to emphasize that i'm not saying I never fuck up, of course I do, I rp'd the ground in the magnus game because I walked into shrapnel before blink and I couldn't blink :), I actually started laughing so hard when that happened. Whatever role I play I always feel like I can't do more, when I'm playing full supports, I buy wards, sentries, sometimes I don't even have boots till 8-9 mins just to make sure our carry can farm safely then turns out our carry has nothing at 20 mins.

    So, I'd be really nice if Valve could make some REAL improvements to the MM, like a ladder system or something that rewards players who play well notthe ones who do nothing all game just feed and flame. Oh, wait I'm talking about Valve who hasn't released any significant patches for like 6 months now. I even doubt they read this forum, I can't blame them for this because there are barely any posts that are about real feedback. I haven't lost hope yet but I'm starting to. They really need a guy who talks with the community, now I think they have 2 people who are developing Dota Icefrog and the guy who puts in cosmetics :).

    Here is my Dotabuff you can take a look at my recent matches and see the streaks there.

    tl;dr: Falling from very high skill bracket into the pool of depseration and despondency, having losing streaks, getting matched with the worst players from the pool.

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    It's not just you, everyone has that. I'm on an 8-win streak right now. Was on 16 (!) lose streak three weeks ago, was aweful, at least now I am almost back to my win rate before that charade had taken place.
    It's very annoying when you are on lose streak and can't do nothing. The win streaks are supposed to be making up for it.
    Also, 1 14 1 Slardar, lol

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    You know how you win? You friend people that are good players when you play and you play with them again and again and again.

    So then you don't have to play with trolls.

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