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Thread: Update Notes - May 23, 2013

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    Update Notes - May 23, 2013

    - Elder Titan: Fixed Natural Order not upgrading on Elder Titan.
    - Elder Titan: Fixed Ancestral Spirit waking up units that were hit by the Spirit Stomp.
    - Elder Titan: Fixed Ancestral Spirit having the wrong radius while returning after it expired.
    - Fixed Shadow Blade incorrectly revealing its owner on secondary attack types if they occurred after the fade time.

    - The combat log is now localized.
    - The Watch tab will now default to the Tournaments sub-tab if there is a live match.
    - Added an automatic "(idle)" tag in Rich Presence for players that are AFK.
    - Tournaments are now sorted by their last game played.
    - Fixed a bug where notifications of item purchases didn't work if the courier did the purchase.
    - Fixed bug where chat ban notifications weren't displaying hours left correctly.

    - Reduced memory usage.

    - Updated Nightstalker ultimate sound and made it global for teammates.
    - Fixed Mana Leak target sound.
    - Fixed Dust sound.

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    Thank you very much! Valve forever!!!!

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    Ded game

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    wop wop
    Quote Originally Posted by blash365 View Post
    are you aware that carries can also buy wards and courier after finishing their second rapier?

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    Thanks! Interested in seeing how much the memory usage was reduced.

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    Now how about fixing the UI problem that everyone has been having? Oh well, that would be asking too much. Hopefully the memory issue is sorted out so that people can actually watch more than 2 replays without having to restart the client. Good on you valve!

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    Nice list but I think the community is expecting Compendium fixes
    Explanations on the normal, high and very high brackets in replays: here, here & here
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    They wont release heros until qualifers are done, so next week expect at least 1, maybe 2.

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    yey! now waiting 6 days qualifiers to end so we can have serious patch.

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