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Thread: Sniper Mission

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    Sniper Mission

    If you created a special area for the sniper mission, I ask for transfer this post.
    I found it interesting the choice of the two heroes, do not have much to talk about, is a good Axe tanquer, and sniper attack by far is a good hero to teach about the battle.

    - Choice of heroes.
    - Mission simple and important.

    Negatives / can be improved: (By the time)
    - Hero enemy, too passive, hardly comes to fight and die easily, add a little aggressive, and put some items, which causes the Axe last longer in battle.
    - How is 1x1, create a mini tutorial on how to go to battle, example, Recommend this the purchase of a courier.

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    I think a courier should definitely be provided. Other than that, the Axe bot seemed way too passive, once I had level 2 in range I could just pick him off endlessly and ult if he tried to run. Sniper is a good hero to teach a player how to go mid, however. I think that there should be some sort of story though, like in the first tutorial. Axe also never gets items as far as I could tell.

    Also, it says you play as dragon knight :P

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