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Thread: Global Mute is now being used to promote racism and homophobia

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    The simplest solution is to just remove the muting system entirely. Though I agree you should have separate "mute voice" "ignore text" buttons. *That* would have been a logical way to deal with this problem...

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    Quote Originally Posted by matsuchi View Post
    +1 this guy is right Valve should ban all the gays then the problem is solved xD.

    No but honestly if people complain about your voice then why dont you just shut the fuck up and type instead that way the problem is solved. Another option is to mute you but then they wont see your text miss calls etc and thats also a problem.
    So the simple sollution is if your accent/voice bothers the people you're playing with then just shut up and type its not that hard, a diffrent sollution could be to add a mute sound button and a seperate mute text button.
    Because it creates an incredibly hostile environment. We're talking more hostile of an environment than HoN, where you can at least report bullying or harassment and have it looked into by an actual human being. Here you can be silenced just for "sounding gay" or having an opinion that someone disagrees with. If you don't see the problem with this, then you have zero empathy and shouldn't be dictating what other people feel or do.

    If on the other hand Gabe Newell would like a heterogenous player base and not have to deal with The Gays or The Autists or [insert group here], then he's on the road to Nazi doctrine.

    If players were being muted because "their jewish name/voice bothers the people they were playing with", would you support that too?

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    Everything is being used to promote racism, homophobia and trans-dolphin-person-phobia. No need to specificaly address this aspect. An auto-mute is just as bullshit when it hits a straight white guy.
    Quote Originally Posted by DeadlyGrim
    Is a man not entitled to view his own ranking? No says the man at Valve, it belongs to us!

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    you do realize a lot of women have the same problem. Whenever they talk, people find out and decide to say sexual stuff to them. Their solution was, simply, never use the mic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RolletRogue View Post
    you do realize a lot of women have the same problem. Whenever they talk, people find out and decide to say sexual stuff to them. Their solution was, simply, never use the mic.
    Misogyny is quite common too. But I don't think anyone has been muted for being female. If they have been, that's equally bad.

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    easy to abuse

    pick one
    Quote Originally Posted by vladhood View Post
    boy im glad all these qualified and educated game designers have come to the forums to help dota 2 grow

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    Quote Originally Posted by ABadManneredPlayer View Post
    There's already language barrier tensions and people queuing cross regions. The chat mutes are already being used for these racist purposes.

    Just talked to one of my Steam friends today. Apparently he got queued with a 4-stack that reported him for "having a voice like a faggot". Even if my friend isn't actually gay, this is beyond horrifying. I suspect that anyone that doesn't conform to a group of players ideals is at risk for being selectively muted.

    Valve, please fix this immediately. It's a disgrace that anyone can be muted at any time for "sounding black" or having a "gay 14-year old voice".
    On racism:

    The issue here is that the Brazilian players have their own server to play on. The Russians also have their own server. What the real problem comes down to is maintenance on the SEA and European servers, and the fact that the Euros are all tossed onto one server, thereby destroying any semblance of a common language. You'll have Germans playing with Danes playing with French playing with Brits, so there is no unifying language, which exacerbates the problem in many public game.

    On top of that, there's no options for these groups to get into games specifically with their own countrymen. Hell, even Russians don't pick solely Russian-speaking servers/teams to play on, even when they don't speak or understand a lick of English. It's pretty much a trolling tactic.

    The solution here is to add more language options, giving people the ability to choose their preferred languages. Now yes, you'll still have people who can't speak English choosing it, but at the same time it will decrease the amount of communications barriers being erected, especially if it's a preferred language, and you assign it depending on their geo-location.

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    go to solo queue if u dont want to play against a group of bad people
    next case please!

    I support the mute ban system!
    Typhox for mod!
    The moderator that wants mute system removed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niroc View Post
    Wait, so you are saying that saying "having a voice like a faggot" is saying someone is gay? I probably missed the memo, but when can people sound gay?
    yeah people sound gay
    this is typically linked with flamboyancy, people can sound flamboyant
    the stereotypical "gay voice," which is perpetuated in the media in non-hateful displays, on shows like Will and Grace and adult cartoons, is a flamboyant voice
    transitively, therefore, we can conclude that the "gay voice" is flamboyant.

    such an explanation is hardly required, people can sound gay, stupid, black, or mexican. what exactly that means is subjective, it lies "in the eye of the beholder" in other words.
    please dont shitpost in response to real issues like this.
    muting someone for sounding gay is wrong, and the existing system allows for it.
    one more reason to overhaul this system.
    Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity.

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    Well, looks like it seems OP is just a troll. nc one. Now get a life.
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