I just finished the tutorial since I was waiting for the G-1 Lan Finals and I thought it was cool. It's great that you keep working on getting new players and this stuff really helps. I was wondering what do you think about some scenario feature, perhaps something ala Street Fighter 4 where you need to practice basic stuff for each hero.

Lets see, if we do this alphabetically you could have scenarios where Alchemist tries to do the optimal Acid Spray to maximize money, some GPM quota he needs to fill, practice on the Sblade/Stun combo and overall roaming in the jungle for maximum farming time. Ancient Apparition could practice how to chain his Cold Feet, how to spot places or chain spells with his W, how to land his E on most heroes possible on the fly and of course long range artillery. I'm pretty sure every single hero has something to master and perhaps that could help. You could even reward a random item for the hero if completed all the challenges!

Many thanks for the beautiful game by the way, don't get distracted by the trolls.