Hello, I been playing Dota 2 for awhile now. I have love Dota since WC3. My problem is simple and the abuse of the reporting system is getting to the point out of control. Going to get to the point. I was playing a Dota 2 game, when 2 people disconnected from the game. I generally continue hoping the players will come back. After i started to kick the other teams rear end, I started to get threats if we didn't leave from the other team we would be reported. Well this worked the other 2 people left the game. I thinking there isn't a rule for staying in a game and being reported for it didnt make much since. Well go figure I was reported and received a ban. I didn't say nothing to the other team that would result in a ban.

Therefore, there should be serious consequences for false reporting, and should be a high level of discipline that should take place in the case I am bringing to you.

Match ID= 195958166

I am not here to cry and moan, but i feel this is a real problem and should be looked into. I am not here to waste your time.

Thank you for your time, and GL and HF