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Thread: G1 live matches on Dota tv unwatchable

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    Angry G1 live matches on Dota tv unwatchable

    Well i paid for the G1 live matches and i am really disappointed that both the audio as well as the video stream are lagging like hell making it impossible to watch.

    I can watch these game for free on twitch but i wanted to support the game so i bought the ticket. But you guys are making it so hard to justify this.

    Valve, when some pay for something they expect a service in return when that service is denied to them then what is the point of paying you guys? At least announce or say something is wrong, otherwise its is plain cheating the customer. I looked in the livegame subform and found out that this has happened before and is happening now too and there is NOT 1 REPLY FOR ANY MODS OR ANY PERSON FROM VALVE addressing the issue.

    I am a fan of your guys work, and thank you for making DOTA 2 but you guys have got to have a better way of announcing and addressing problems specially with respect to streaming tournaments. This was my first tournament ticket purchase and the experience was horrible, you are discouraing other first time ticket buyers too. Why should we pay for watching streams that do not even work? On top of that you can watch the stream online for free and that too without the bullshit delay, lag , commentary lag that plaguing the dota tv stream.

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    Still unwatchable.

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