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Thread: Hilarious, Thanks again Valve!!!

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    Hilarious, Thanks again Valve!!!

    Man, how these players are not in your mute/low prio systems, and I am? LOL!

    Game ID #203412378

    Night Stalker/Drow/Shadow Demon, all friends (from China). They spoke no English all game, yapping in Chinese as if we understood...Spam pings, stolen items, and nothing but nonsense.

    The Night Stalker actually took my bottle off the courier and kept it himself for 37 minutes of the game (the game ended at 38 minutes). He gave it back with one minute left lol.

    My friend asked him multiple times to please give it back, he never did. Trolled and lost us the game/mid and then continued to spam ping in situations where I myself was just thinking "wow, this guy took my early game bottle and he is now spam pinging me with his friends"...

    You've truly turned DotA 2 into a huge joke for people who que with 2-3 people. You've let such scum into this community, and your automated report systems have done nothing but punish players who have played longer (I know how the system works, it's obvious). More reports = easier it is for the automated system to tell you are a "certain" offender, PUT HIM IN MUTE/LOW PRIO!

    What a great system! As these people get to get off scotch free (because I have no reports to use, AND WHAT WOULD IT DO ANYWAY LOL?!). Sad, truly sad. You say I get 4 reports per week? HA, I barely get 2 MAYBE....

    I still continue to fund DotA, because I love it, but man you sure make it hard to play the game and enjoy it anymore.
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