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Thread: valve = dumm ass

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    Thumbs up valve = dumm ass

    many outstanding stolen keys now

    no security for traders and exchange the item right now.
    why? because your system is stupid valve

    I will tell my friends told me the method

    1. I made ​​a stupid id dota free
    2. I just fill the balance of $ 5
    3. I waited for 1 month
    4. I have set up fake credit card data.
    5. I fill the steam wallet funds $ 100 or more
    6. I got my keys and I sell cheap or trade with good stuff and I sell cheap
    7. I can get real money
    8. 1 month later the credit card bill is not paid. I can get a trade ban
    9. why do I care. I was able to get $ 100 for 1 ps. and I was able to make 100 or more id ...

    look .. I use the web payment method. and I pay first and then get the steam wallet. the store

    however, the user will get a credit card payment after 1 month
    so if it does not pay for everything. Key will return to the valve.
    but there is a time of 1 month for fraudsters to sell it before the valve key

    I see you do not care about it ..

    maybe if it continues like this I'd rather be a thief lock as well and I'll be happy
    and ye valve. You will look like a dumb ass

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    Valve is not the only company which faces this problem.

    If you were Valve what would you do in order to prevent this from happening? The problem is all about Credit Card. Be it stolen or faked. Now tell me how Valve is supposed to differ a CC Owner from being legit or not.
    Valve does not have the personal details etc they cannot verify the identity etc.

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    paying the CC bill has nothing to do with this issue.
    you can ether call the bank that you didnt make the transaction or use stolen CC

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