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Thread: Attack/Spell animations not visible from time to time

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    Feb 2012
    im having the same problem atm!!!!!!!!!!

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    is this because -nod3d9ex ?

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    still got this issue and no word from devs

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    Aug 2012
    This is cause by the connection problem not dota.

    I tested Dota 2 with many internet provider available in my country.
    Only 2/5 internet provider has this problem.
    Other work fine, of course i tested on 1 only computer.

    My suggestion: Change the internet provider !

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    Aug 2013
    I also have the same problems after last update. Trying any combination on video setting, see that when you have 100% render quality, you'll get the animation. Less then that, it'll loss. CMIIW

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    Sep 2012
    started happening to me the last 2 games I've played, not just animations but sound from them aswell

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    Same issue here from last days. So aanoying.

    AA's ulti sometime is invisible, autoattack animation dont appear. Sounds dontsound (or music) randomly. Bounty of killing creep doesnt apear many times. Etc.

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