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Thread: Maximillian the Beetlebear

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    Maximillian the Beetlebear

    Not sure where to post this, so here goes.
    I'm not sure this is a bug or intended, BUT
    So far, of all the tourney bundled couriers, Maximillian is the only one WHICH IS NOT GENUINE.

    Also, there are no explanations whether the Bear will have particle effects upon views or not. Dev please clarify these issues.

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    Confirmed. So what about the QoP Set from the Premier League Season 5, will it also become genuine?

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    Are they even considering giving this courier particle effects? At this time, I'm highly disappointed that they've a courier that's still labelled "New Item" ... It's a courier! They should really fix him up and give him some effects - I assumed that was the original selling point for most of the tourneys? Seems like I won't be getting the next tourney courier then.

    Same with Cyril the Syrmeleon -
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