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Thread: Dota TV caster selection stuck on one hero

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    Dota TV caster selection stuck on one hero

    I got problem in Dota TV which causes casters stuck in one hero when I switch monitor.

    I'm using 2 monitors and usually doing stuff in other monitor while watching dota from another. It works fine until I come back to Dota monitor, at this point it stuck on hero/unit that is currently selected by caster. I can still manually change heroes but it no longer follows casters selections. There is nothing I can do to make it work again but to reconnect to game, and next time I'll change monitor it bugs again.

    Does some1 know any solutions to fix this?
    Didn't find any old threads about this but sorry if there is already one.

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    Same problem here.

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    Right click fixed it for me.

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    I have the same problem when i switch camera from "caster" to "free" or "directed" then to "caster" again, the target doesn't change anymore unless i spam clic on the screen, then the unit under caster's mouse get selected ....

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    had the same problem, had the same fix - like Masselhoff said, if you have the problem, just right click on the map and its gone. easy..

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