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Thread: Two of my friends have already quit dota 2 from the mute bans.

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    Actually Valve implemented the mute feature especially to prevent people from quitting the game.
    Seems like it failed.

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    I just love the comparisons to real world sports going on in this thread.

    Do you want to know what your typical DOTA pub looks like translated into real-world terms? Two teams stand poised over the center line awaiting the kickoff of a championship game that promises rewards of money, fame, cereal box tie-ins, glory... the ball soars into the air into the deft grasp of the running back, who... proceeds in a level sprint straight toward his own goal while shrieking like a retard whose hair caught fire and his balls fell off at the same time. But woe betide the man who would think to simply turn away or leave, for in this sport, neither the coach nor the referee have the authority to remove the renegade player from the field. Instead, all the other players, support staff, stadium attendees, and fans tuning in to watch are all held captive for fully 45 to 60 minutes, without even the blessed reprieve of a beer commercial, as they are forced to witness the horrible spectacle play itself out over and over and over again. In fact, they would be punished for leaving! The game continues on in this fashion, as the malignant tumor of a competitor ignores all his teammates' pleas for cooperation, racking up own goal after own goal, until he finally decides to run out of the stadium entirely, leaving everyone else behind to clean up the mess.

    I want you to tell me, in all seriousness, with what sort of "sportsmanship" do you expect such a player to be treated by his teammates? His opponents? His coach? The fans? "Sportsmanship" doesn't apply to pub DOTA because the mechanics of this game and its infrastructure (such as stats/matchmaking) allows you to abuse your teammates in ways far more painful than can be accomplished by mere words alone, not to mention the complete absence of anything resembling public identity or accountability.

    I challenge you, no I fucking defy any of the supporters of this ridiculous chat banning system to even attempt any of the shit you get up to in a game of DOTA in a real world pick up game of sports (assuming you're physically fit to even walk outside). Go out and play a sport with 9 other people who are experienced and skilled, but just keep hanging around even though you completely suck and its obvious everyone wants you to leave. Show up to a bicycling tour on your six speed from Walmart and pester everyone for a full hour as they're trying to train. Go out and completely waste people's time in the real world where they can see your face and the possibility of REAL physical retribution is there. Do you think you're ever going to get picked for a team or asked to play again the next time you explain kicking the ball way over the fence into the thorny bushes by saying "its just a game, stop being so negative"? Are you going to reach for an invisible mute button because you don't like how someone tried to give you tips about your batting? Are you going to cry for mommy Valve to come and put your teammates in timeout once their patience for dealing with your insufferable attitude and poor play inevitably wears thin and they snap?

    Don't ever make these kinds of comparisons again. You people don't even know what sports are and it makes you sound like fools.
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    When looking through these threads I always thought, "so many people complaining, the system must be bad". But then I realized I play dota quite a bit every week and I have not been muted ONCE since it was implemented. I communicate in almost every game, had conflicts with some players in some games, have been reported by groups of friends or at least so they said. Not ONCE have I been muted OR any of my friends who I play with for that matter. Except for one, he got muted for raging and cursing in all chat for 30 minutes of the game.(haven't played with him since)
    Generally I noticed that in these threads every OP starts off innocent and with a lot of complaints about the system, but after a while it happens that they called someone "faggot" as a joke or said something about someone's mum. "BUT ITS ONLY FRIENDS TAUNTING VALVE ENCOURAGES IT WITH ITEMS"... yeh ok.

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