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Thread: [Confirmed] Paralyzing Cask Has Multiple Wrong Properties

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    [Confirmed] Paralyzing Cask Has Multiple Wrong Properties

    Speed is set to 1000. Only the first Cask should be 1000, the rest should be 600.

    Bounce Delay is set to 0.3, should be 0.4.

    Damage is dealt when Cask impacts, should be dealt 0.4 seconds after a Cask is emitted from a unit (including Witch Doctor). This approximation looks like a result of Paralyzing Cask being pretty old code.

    Cask aggros when it is cast. It should aggro when damage is dealt or stun is dealt.

    Other note: The Cask bounce delay is calculated when the Cask is emitted, not when it impacts. Thus, moving closer to the previous target (or Witch Doctor on initial cast) will slightly lengthen the delay, and moving further will shorten it.

    Note to self: report a serious Brewmaster bug in DotA 1 soon.
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    I noticed that with the damage, and figured it was kind of off... IMO it makes more sense to damage when it lands, but also makes it a lot easier to dodge with blink dagger now...

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    added to sticky.

    i'd consider the damage part as intended.
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