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Thread: Sniper's "Gunslinger" Set

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    What is with all these neckbeards telling Valve what to add or remove from their game? If you don't like a set, don't buy it. But for the love of God, please stop whining like a baby about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reishid View Post
    You guys are complaining about a Western gunslinger themed set but are okay with this? I'll take the gunslinger over the English safari hunter any day.

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    The theme is fine to me, but the gun texture leaves a bit to be desired.

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    I agree, the set theme is fine, but the textures look a bit unfinished.

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    Morphling's lore mentions nothing about direstone armor or radiant crystal armor. If we stick to lore then they'll have a single set: the default one. Stop using it as an argument it is baseless and shows you have no knowledge of what you're discussing. At least try to cite things like aesthetics and color balance or silhouettes because those are what matter not the fact that A HERO BASED AROUND GUNS WITH GUN LINES AND GUN PUNS IN EVERY OTHER LINE has a set where he's a gunslinger. Glasses exist, hats exist, ponchos exist, there's no way you can tell us that they couldn't make these and wear them in this universe it defies no canon nor logic you simply don't like it so simply deal with it because we do like it.

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    aside from the cape, im fine with this set

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    ur opinion =/= everyone opinion.

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