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Thread: Captains mode

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    Captains mode

    When a 4 man stack joins a captains mode, the captains seat should go to the 4 man stack. All too often you get a cap that doesn't cooperate (or like last game, is muted and so can't communicate, thanks again for that awesome system valve!) or accidentally got into a captains mode and doesn't know what to do. The 4 man stack or 3 man stack usually are playing together for some time and know what to do and what the others can, the new cap doesn't.

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    Yes indeed -- Unless they were just people who "sorta" knew eachother and simply invited them because they thought eachother "good" players...They are definitely better than the unmentioned fifth player...he solo queued so he is probably terrible at the game. My main issue with captains mode is when the captain AFKs kinda just get stuck; for a long time...then you are pretty much forced to either take an abandon out of sheer impatience or just afk it up and laugh at the random picks. If you are muted and you find this a problem I suggest filling in the last three, two, one...errr...four? slots with players you recognize and using a third party program to communicate...I am unsure how the mute system works because...I haven't been muted yet...but if you can still use Steam Voice can literally just invite your players into a chat-room and start up voice chat; can you not? If you rely more on typing that is a problem I suppose but last time I checked the steam statistics ((admittedly not 100% accurate)) it would seem that well over 60% of the "steam community" has access to microphones...

    I do not necessarily oppose the idea of "Majority" rules in terms of "captain" but...honestly I think it would make more sense based upon wins...but...ehhh -- measuring how "Good" a player is through math a lone is...tough...I am sure that many of the muted players whom are creating alternate accounts are racking in wins...or losses...simply because they ARE experienced and are being seeded with new players...I'm not sure how matchmaking works really.

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