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Thread: Reluctantly Building a Lawsuit against DoTA2 Sylla Bear bug. (Discuss/Collaborate)

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    Reluctantly Building a Lawsuit against DoTA2 Sylla Bear bug. (Discuss/Collaborate)

    Building a lawsuit should valve turn DoTA2 into a source of grevious emotional distress and terror over the fact that anything can result in a reports including building two Mantas on Syllabear and having the one on his bear not work.
    Feel free to discuss or add in; DoTA2 devs might just close this to try to prevent any discussion and hush it up.

    Others who can prove they've had to endure harassment, further bans because of reports over an inability to activate Manta on bear, had to endure grevious emotional distress or feel they are unable to even play the game because of the fear of not being able to execute the 6-bear meta are encouraged to collaborate in the collection of evidence for their claims. You are encouraged to put them here and discuss as well.

    This isn't crying, its proactively building a case should i/we not be able to access content without being bullied and abused by other users to the point it impacts our lives or ability to access content for which we payed. Valve should not be facilitating abuse under the guise of being too busy to quickly fix a bug. This is put here as a counterpoint to the severely out of touch 'its for the greater good' and 'take one for the team' mentality around innocent people being harassed with reports in the dev blog.

    Here is the letter to Valve my solicitor helped me create with a few corrections.

    Dear, Valve

    I am now, proactively, in the process of working with an arbitrator and solicitor to build a case around dota2's buggy Syllabear penalizing innocent individuals and giving them the choice to either not use the product (and thus the panda skin for which you payed) or further endure severe emotional distress. The idea of this would be that not being able to use Manta on Sylla's bear gets you further abused by players for not being able to do anything but feed. In addition being unable to Manta beyond a simple one on the main hero incapacitates an individuals ability to coordinate with team and win.

    My solicitor suggests that it can be argued that valve is guilty of facilitating further harassment from infringing individuals via their penal system. In this case it looks even worse when valve allows infringing individuals to use reports to harass innocent individuals.
    In addition to these arguments my solicitor has suggested that an argument can be made for payed content being inaccessible due to valve forcing individuals to endure emotional damages, including over further reports for throwing games, to access the content and thus are accepting pay for content that they do not effectively provide.

    Should Valve refuse to render appropriate resolution to my Syllabear bug then, due to heavy investment in the game, i am fully ready to work with my solicitor to bring valve to civil suit. We will argue severe emotional distress caused by the secondary effects of an out of control and snail-snow bug-fixing system and already are collecting evidence toward that end. In addition any and all further harassment because of the inability to use Manta on Syllabear's bear will be recorded and liability will be argued to rest with valve due to them providing the causative factor for it.

    Please save everyone time and work to resolve this situation while its still on a customer/provider basis.

    Money is no joke and neither is taking it in return for increasingly difficult to access products.
    In addition making products, accepting money and then making it emotionally injurous to access them is also no joke.

    DoTA1, at the pub level, had the 6-bear 2-basher strategy. Really, how hard is that to replicate?

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    I would like to further point out to Valve that as of this post, a grand total of three players were boycotting Dota 2 due to the continued inability to use Manta Style on Sylla's bear. Think of the playerbase.

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