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Thread: trojan alert on item picture

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    trojan alert on item picture

    I was trying to trade with a guy few minutes ago, but then he found out he couldn't trade for 15 days.
    While we were chating, he asked me if I wanted an item and showed an image of it in the window. I don't remember clicking on it but soon after my antivirus signaled that a trojan from a website was succesfully blocked. What can you tell me people?

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    please someone reply tnx

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    Probably a false alert. I'm not sure. The image you saw in the window is the actual link of an item from your inventory or from his inventory.

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    Tnx for the reply man, these stuff are like magic to me so i get scared easily. I thought the link might had been a phishing scam.

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    LINK?! so he did not show you the item in the dota trade boxes? if you follow urls your pc could be infected yes.

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    1,010 can write in chat and it will show the item and desc in a window. Relax.nothing will happen..just don;t use crappy anti viruses that are trigger happy :P

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    dont try to trade outside of steam.
    some users are not able to trade for up to 14 (?) days because they changed their payment information (e.g. entered paypal details).
    this can happen but you will always act on your own risk when trying to circumvene this protection.
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