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Thread: [Confirmed] Lich cannot Sacrifice allied Summons

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    [Confirmed] Lich cannot Sacrifice allied Summons

    1. Get Lich with Sacrifice and allied Furion with Nature's Call
    2. Create Treants
    3. Cast Sacrifice on them

    Result: Summons are not a valid target for Sacrifice
    Expected Result: Lich sacrifices allied summons (forge spirit/spiderlings/treants/...)

    This units should be valid targets for Sacrifice:

    1. Lycan's wolves on any level
    2. Furion's treants on any level
    3. Invoker's forged spirits on any level
    4. Broodmother's spiderlings and spiderites on any level
    5. Beastmaster's hawks and boars on any level
    6. Enigma's Eidolons on any level
    7. Dark Troll Summoner's skeleton warriors
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