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Thread: The future of the Dota 2 Economy and and much needed in-game "item dictionary"

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    The future of the Dota 2 Economy and and much needed in-game "item dictionary"

    I truly believe Dota 2 has it in itself to bridge the gap that Starcraft did in Korea and become a huge phenomenon (I'm talking about TV channels baby). Anyway, the other day I was sitting around and realized the brilliance of the in-game World of Warcaft Battle Pet List, and I realized that having something like this in Dota 2 would provide a huge boost to the economy..Why?

    Picture this, perhaps next to the Store, Backpack Loadout and Workshop there could be a tab called "Item Compendium" or something. What you could do is pull up a list (or portraits) of all heros, followed by Portraits on the bottom for Cursors Wards/HUDS ect. Why this is DIFFERENT from the shops rather clunky filter system is that it shows every item or piece of equipment ever released by valve, not what they are currently selling in store. Why Would this be great?

    Lets say I click on the Batrider portrait and while flipping though his different costumes(all of these, just like the DOTA loadout are displayed on the 3d hero model it'self) I stumble upon a really cool set I love or perhaps Bessy the Batmelion. It looks so cool! But oh no! Just like the WOW battle pet compendium it says in little red text next to it "item cannot be bought in store" and or "item can no longer be dropped in game/bought" Oh no! I would have gone to the store and bought it (even though before I wasn't looking to buy anything, $$$valve just made some cash$$$) but now I have track down this beautiful Batmelion and find someone trading it. Oh snap! Keys being the currency, I gotta lay out $60 on keys to trade this guy. $$$$$$Valve$$$$ you just made $60 on an item I would never have found normally if I wasn't just chilling and browsing the compendium, seeing what every hero could equip.

    Also would be great is pulling up the courier listing and not only seeing every courier that's ever been released, but being able to have a display of what for instance the lotus trail looks like on every curior. Oh my god! I love the lotus trail! I better buy up 60 lotus keys and get lotus chests trying to get it! I have yet to see the amanita nita(mushroom effect) and to be honest I have played 600+ games and probably seen only 4 or 5 different trails or effects or totally unique curiors. Would it be great to see them all. fall in love with one, and BOOM Valve just made $100 with me trying to track it down.

    I'm serious about this, if there was a compendium added where you could see every item ever released by valve on every hero quickly and easily I think you guys would make a ton of money, and along with the tutorial these two things could really bring thousands of players and mucho dinero.

    Really hope a Dev Reads this and sees what I'm talking about!

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    I remember reading somewhere on cyborgmatt that they already made this but haven't implemented it yet.

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    Thats a good suggestion, I'm supporting it!

    BR AveN

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    Pretty good suggestion, T-UP.

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    Well,this shouldn't take much time
    Karnivool's new album is DOPE!

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    Batmeleon for $60 worth of keys? LOL I hope you're just playing around bro. Go to Dota 2 Lounge and trade for a batrider mount there, nobody gonna charge you that much, 5 keys max. Anyway, this game is going to be just like TF2 in respect to items, it is all about making those trades!

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