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Thread: [Confirmed] Sand King's Sand Storm misses high-terrain vision

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    [Confirmed] Sand King's Sand Storm misses high-terrain vision

    Get with Sand King's Sand Storm to a area with cliffs. Use sand storm and watch how much less vision you receive.

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    This one's a bit weird. The vision granted isn't flying, but it is granted from four ground units located at the corners of a square with 300 side length centered on Crixalis. These units provide 1000/750 ground vision from their locations, and also provide the Sand Storm visual effect. The units (and subsequently the vision) are removed 1.5 seconds after Crixalis stops channeling. This is why Sand Storm's effect "lingers" after you stop channeling in DotA 1, unlike in Dota 2. This part was reported as a bug previously (although I don't think specifics were given).

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    added to sticky.
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    i would say it is an intended fix.
    but at the same time in wc3 it could have been done with a round spell without giving vision...
    maybe icefrog wanted a square.

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