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Thread: Huskar is Game Breakingly OP

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    Huskar is Game Breakingly OP

    Seriously, this is rediculous.

    This new patch has made him nigh un-killable. I was playing bounty hunter and I got fed by this absolutely retarded anti-mage, i was sitting top with a kotl and we got first blood, and then 4-5 more kills on him and his friend ogre magi. We were defending a push bottom at around 20 minutes in, and we teamfight. I being fed, pick off the supports and we kill 4 of their team, apart from Huskar. He hadn't been at the fight and we were like 'ok meh' so we ran back to our t2. Then all of a sudden this huskar, who has already died 5 times, and only has a Helm of Dominator and treads. Runs in and teamwipes us because we can't kill him at all. Our team was; Weaver, Meepo, Bounty Hunter, Leshrac and Kotl. He literally stood under tower and killed our entire team. If we nuked him, it did nothing, if we hit him; He healed it back up with either his q or life steal. He then proceeded to continually solo kill our entire team, despite the fact I was around 8-0-5 at the time of the first fight, and he was something like 3-8-4. This is utterly stupid. It got to the point where he just sat under our towers and killed things. I remember I teleported top to save our Kotl, who was being dove by the huskar, under our t1 top. I tp'ed in with full hp and he had around 400. I tracked him, went invis, jinadad him and Shuriken tossed him too. Which, along with the tower hitting him, should have been enough to kill him at full hp. My shuriken did 12 damage. And he just threw spears into me, sitting at around 10 hp constantly. His heal and lifesteal allowing him to SOLO KILL ME AND KOTL UNDER TOWER. I know all the trolls will be like ' that's what huskar is supposed to, you didn't have the right heroes for the job. To this, I say, I can understand he should be able to kill squishies and then die, especially under tower. BUT HE SURVIVED EVERY SINGLE TIME. The way we found to kill him was to 5 man him and use everything. Even when we did this we would lose 2 heroes and sometimes 3. This is a 1v5 situation where the 1 is winning, most of the time. Our meepo blink poofed 5 meepo's onto him, and their riki. Riki died instantly. Huskar. 20 damage. this hero is stupid as hell, I know icefrog wanted people to play him more, but this is totally ridiculous. It makes the game horrible. I mean, there are no physical damage nukers in dota? They are all magic nukers. The way you originally killed this dumbass hero was to nuke him down, now you can't even do that. At the death of the game, we all got medallions. We killed him, but it took 5 of us to get medallions and just smash him down to even chip away anything. If you don't believe me, watch the game in client. I probably exaggerated a couple things, and probably got more wrong. But it is utterly ridiculous. The game went from, 8-0 bounty 'gg' to 'what the hell my anus it bleeds'. The guy who picked huskar had done so for the past 6 games before. It isn't a good player playing well, it is a broken hero. Please, fix this shit. It's unbearable to play against it.

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    its your fault for not picking a hero with pure damage like omnikight, timbersaw or even PA

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