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Thread: [Confirmed] shift que courier commands" bugged"

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    [Confirmed] shift que courier commands" bugged"

    the shift que doesnt work properly with the courier

    you cannot shift que any command after the delivery "spell", because it will get order to move back to base after the transport, canceling every shift command by the player issued afterwards.

    why is that a problem?
    i would like to make the courier:
    -give me my bottle and move to fog/follow
    -give me my items and move it to secret/sideshop
    -give me my items and take wards from another player/place them on ground/put them in another players inv

    btw: i know i can drag the items in my inv manually to make shift work, but that takes waay more time than pressing 2-3 buttons

    how to fix:
    option 1 : find a way to overwrite the back to base part of the delivery "spell"
    option 2 : completely remove the back to base part (you can just shift delivery+base yourself anyway)

    what do you guys think?

    is option 1 even possible?
    Would option 2 make the game harder for newbies who dont know about shift? while good players who benefit from this change are able to do it manually anyways?

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    I can confirm that bug.
    How to reproduce:
    1. Add item to courrier.
    2. Issue a command to the courrier for item delivery.
    3. Shift-queue another command to the courrier before item is delivered.
    => Courrier ignores 3. and instead returns to base.

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