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Thread: Repeat Tournament Drop Winners

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    ya Ive seen him win plenty. I believe he's won more and recently, must have traded them. Could be wrong

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    I dont know but what i dont like that tehre is no explanation about how compendium is advertised (special item drops,more chance for compendium owners) and what actualy happen.
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    I've seen the same name on Drops in short intervals more then once, too. And I'm only spectating a few leagues.

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    Come on Devs is it that hard to review who is getting drops in tournaments? Just program a code to keep track in a text file and see whats going on.

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    they just getting this items through trade

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    p1n9v1n no you're not understanding. I'm not looking at their inventories, I actually see them get the drops in-game during the matches. 2 per game sometimes..out of 1400 people. Watch the Replays, you'll see.

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    you got 9 drops in total HUH? I watched so many damn games and i never ever get one -_- (almost every matches of both G1s, TI2 and TI3 east/west quals) Maybe OP you are one of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BurningSera View Post
    you got 9 drops in total HUH? I watched so many damn games and i never ever get one -_- (almost every matches of both G1s, TI2 and TI3 east/west quals) Maybe OP you are one of them.
    What does "so many damn games" even mean? How many tournament passes do you have? You've only watched 1 off tournament that's pretty popular and 2 Major 30k viewer each game tournament? That doesn't even amount to what I'm talking about. However with that said I know I've been given quite a lot of drops and I'm grateful. Don't try and get all accusatory with me though, I said the drops were jacked not that players were hacking necessarily. What is "Maybe OP you are one of them" even supposed to mean? Also if you read my post I'm talking about how they have acquired drops in a span in 1 month more than 15 drops. That is MUCH different than 9 drops in 11 months of watching, every week, every day, including weekends.

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    I don't think people are hacking... I think there is something wrong with the drop system server-side. There are certainly some people out there who have gotten ridiculously, statistically-improbably multi-drops in games with thousands of viewers. Source: I have tickets to almost every tourney and watch an unhealthy amount of games.

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