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Thread: More than 1000 games of Dota. Still not muted.

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    I've reviewed your match history and to be honest im surprised you haven't been muted yet, with the amount of feeding you do and how horrible you are in games you best believe I would report you. You do absolutely horrible in 30-50% of your games. And the games you do win you are carried by your other team mates. Probably why you like the mute system, terrible players like you recieve alot of flame, and with good reason. 1000+ games and still don't know how to play it seems like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulMorel View Post
    You have to download my replays. Still, if I'm such a huge asshole as OP insists, then this shouldn't take long. Download four or five, fastforward to the end, and hit enter to see the allchat. I warn you though, you will check all 2000 of my games without finding anything.

    Also, the chatlogs on replays are bugged. You have to restart Steam for every replay, or the same text will play.

    And here's a question: If the chatlogs on replays are bugged, how is everyone so sure that the report/mute system in general isn't bugged?
    Indeed, I've seen lots of cases where the wrong hero icon and/or wrong player color or whatever pops up for various messages. Even while spectating live games.
    Quote Originally Posted by Grenadier23 View Post
    You actually don't seem like an asshole to me honestly. Leading me to believe that you were in fact unjustly muted. A VERY rare case. I would highly suggest getting another Steam Account if you want to continue to play dota. If you need invites, I'll give you one.
    I bet if you simply spent all the time you normally spend on these forums defending the mute system instead on actually playing the game, your chances of getting globally muted would go up a lot.
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