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Thread: [Confirmed] Eidolons From Demonic Conversion Should Pause Momentarily While Splitting

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    [Confirmed] Eidolons From Demonic Conversion Should Pause Momentarily While Splitting

    I believe this is actually what causes Split Eidolons to gain a second or two on their timer. In DotA 1, a splitting Eidolon will stop taking any actions momentarily while splitting. In Dota 2, they simply split instantly.

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    In dota 2 they don't split. The second one just appears and the first gets healed. They should actually be removed and 2 should appear...

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    Oh well Enigma needed a buff anyways lol

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    added to sticky.

    if i remember correctly a splitting eidolon can still be killed without the owner being able to micro it for the split second (pun intended).
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    How long do they need to split?
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