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Thread: What do you report ppl for?

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    now i report for no reason

    cry moar
    Remove mute system NOW!

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    I report everyone and everything because that is what valve apparently intended. Until they say otherwise I see no point in trying to follow along a "Honor system".

    This system promotes bad behavior, and passive aggressiveness.
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    The only way to get them to do something about the dumb mute system is by reporting everyone for text abuse
    as soon as 95% are muted they'll probably realise their idea wasn't as good as they thought

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    I got muted because a trolling team they said report cuz no gank , and we didn't have a signle ward or a courrier in game..and they want me to gank because they can't kill and farm on easy lane :|.

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    I only report clear trolls has scream and talk like a retard on mic when you ask them something. example: are you going mid? fuckupfaggot.
    And I mean this is yelled over mic.

    I also Report Russians in my games if they can't speak English. They have massive lag 400ish ping and can't communicate. This leads them to feed. Granted I get Indonesians and such, but they don't have their own language and Oceania is the closest servers.
    A guy reports another for whatever reason, now the reported guy reported 2 a week, and so on.
    Now granted that Muted can last up to a week, we are going to be a massive community of mutes!
    Even If you aren't affected, you will be eventually.

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    when some one says any thing it means his not muted. Thats my reason to report him, to mute him. TY

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    Quote Originally Posted by SabotaZ View Post
    TY these methods im gonna be community name will be well known around the world...

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    Before i got muted i only reported people who
    - spammed excessively (more than 30 map signals in a row or just meaningless stuff in chat)
    - threatened or insulted others

    After i got muted twice without doing any of these:
    - anyone who's feeding or playing in a way i don't like
    - people speaking russian
    - people who use the chat wheel to spam
    - people who were already muted (since i just need 1 report to get them muted)
    - people who are most likely reported by others (same as before)

    I know that my behaviour is just destroying other players' fun but that's the most efficient way to show people the system doesn't work as intended.

    reasons for some other players to report someone:
    - not surrendering if 4 people of your team already left the game
    - laning different than your group of 3 dictated them to do
    - not buying a second stack of wards at the beginning (seriously guys... read the changelog)
    - buying a gem of true sight while there are invis heroes in your team
    - not playing like dendi
    and so on...

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