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    *UPDATE* 6/21/2013

    So after a week of being muted (for no reason) I was finally unmuted today. I played as I wished today, unfortunately running into obnoxious players as usual. I simply ignored them and didn't even bother arguing with them. I won a lot of games today maybe 9 out of the 12 games I played today were wins? It was all fun. Until I got to my 13th game, I type in what lane I'm going to and I get "No one hears you." and that I'm muted for another 168 hours AGAIN. I was outraged when I saw that. Why? Because not only was I just unmuted today, I didn't say a single thing offensive AT ALL. The only thing I said was probably what lane I'm going to, to gank, gg, gj, nice, if I got a big item like assault cuirass, roshan, smoke gank, and a couple of other basic things. This mute system really is making me want to uninstall Dota 2. (until techies come out that is...) In all seriousness this mute system needs to be removed. If you can't even fix the matchmaking system, if you already have an in-built mute in the scoreboard, WHY would you add in such a FLAWED system into the game.

    ~also players were obnoxious to me due to the fact that I went to go jungle with heroes that people aren't used to seeing jungle. Which is funny because I ended up carrying them and setting up many kills.


    I have 4 things to complain about.

    First off, the matchmaking system.

    This has been discussed numerous times, I understand. I've been solo queuing ever since I started playing Dota 2. With a few occasional 2 stacks or 3 stacks. I understand that the matchmaking makes sure that you are 50% winrate. Some people are slightly below due to them being simply bad or unlucky, some are slightly above due to being good or lucky. However, I was in very high matchmaking. All my games that I played were in Very High Matchmaking under watch>recent games. I was literally getting 2-3 wins then 2-3 losses constantly evening out. Just last week however I played a game where someone abandoned the game and it was in very high mmr. Then after that game I played a game where 2 people on my team were feeding, it was in very high mmr as well. The heroes that were feeding weren't supports, they were our mid and our safe lane farmer. Then the next game a situation similar to this happens, both heroes feed nonstop so they go to other lanes and start feeding this time it wasn't in very high mmr i started dropping in mmr. Then I have another game where my team feeds. Then I have another game where someone abandons. Then I have another game where its both. See a trend? I lost about 8-12 times in a row. After losing that many times I luckily landed a game where my team was bad, but the other team was worse. However after winning that game my losing streak happened again, about 4-6 times. You may say "oh that isin't bad..." well I win 2-3 times I'm feeling alright, but no I lost around 10 times again. You can say "oh just work your way back to very high mmr" or "stop feeding, its your fault" or "you're just unlucky" that is false. After my 3rd losing streak I won about twice, then I lost around 6-8 times again. Then I finally get a win just yesterday but guess what, steam updated so the game apparently never happened. Nobody d/ced a single time during the game, and even after I won it didn't even count. After "winning" a game then finding out it didn't even count I took a break. I come back just today and I've lost 5 times today due to feeders/abandons. This makes no sense. How can I go from being in very high mmr constantly playing well and consistent then suddenly drop to below average mmr. This isin't even very high mmr anymore, this is constant normal mmr. Why would you matchmake me with people my level then suddenly randomly place me with 1-4 people who feed nonstop, people who don't even speak english, people who constantly trash talk, people who constantly swear offensively, people who abandon the game as if its nothing, and overall bad players. This needs to be fixed...

    Second off, the mute system.

    I was muted once due to talking back to a trash talker. Once I got muted I realized the massive penalty it is and how much it hinders my team. I realized that you shouldn't argue over the internet over trivial things. So after 24 hours I was unmuted. I was happy I was able to say what lane I was going to and that I was able to say gj, ss, or gg. Afterwards I would mute people who argue or are rude. Lately I've been playing with a lot of feeders (as mentioned in my matchmaking part) so after they die 2-3 times, I suggest something to them. Instead they are rude to me and just report me for being annoying. When all I've said was "can you please stop feeding and play more carefully" Instead they feed more and insult me. Since I've constantly been playing with feeders I'm constantly suggesting the same thing. When I got muted the 2nd time I was really upset. I was muted for (I believe 2 days?) no reason. The only thing I've said was the lane I was going to, missing, roshan, "please stop feeding and play more carefully", and a couple of other basic things such as push mid. I brushed it off as just a mistake and that i won't happen again. Once it came off I was relieved and was able to say what lane I was going to. However just today I was muted for 180 hours. I was enraged. I learned my lesson the first time to never argue with a rude player. I made sure to never get muted again due to the mass detriment it causes to the team since you are unable to ping or talk or anything. After getting muted the second time I was slightly annoyed because it was for no reason, but I decided to cope with it since it was most likely just a mistake. Even though it was around 2 days of being muted I didn't mind it since it wasn't that long. When I was unmuted, I was motivated even more to just not even talk at all. So I rarely talked, I picked my hero and chose my lane. Occasionally pinging to gank. And if someone said something close to being offensive or rude I would just mute them and be done with it. After finding out I got muted for 180 HOURS. I was upset and have lost almost all faith in Valve. The mute system should have NEVER BEEN IMPLEMENTED. There is already an INBUILT MUTE THAT IS OPTIONAL. I don't understand why you have 2 different mute systems. All you have to do is mute the person via scoreboard.

    Third off, the report system.

    The report system has been changed so that you can only report a few times per week. This is really silly due to the fact that like I said earlier I've constantly been playing with feeders and trash talkers. This is a massive pain and allows many rule breakers to roam free. And guess what its massively flawed too as I mentioned earlier I was muted TWICE for 10++ days FOR NO REASON. Why would you implement a system so flawed and incomplete. Also there is a bug that whenever I open up Dota 2 and get to the main screen I get a "Your report has been recieved, thank you for making Dota 2 a better place" thing is it happens constantly and nonstop. Apparently once your report has been receieved you get a report back so that you can report again. Well I haven't gotten ANY reports back so that I could report more people. Also why should I report when the people I report don't even get punished while the innocent DO get punished. You may say "Oh the majority of the rulebreakers get punished" thats false, I've reported numerous people and guess what, I run into them again trash talking. I consider myself innocent due to the fact that I was muted twice for no reason for lengthy durations and I'm not the only one too, some of my friends have been muted for no reason.

    Fourth off, the Dota 2 economy system.



    I understand that the International 3 is coming up but matchmaking has always been messed up and has been neglected for too long and the mute system was added without anyone even knowing about it and it didn't even get a poll or anything. Also the cosmetics have been over the top lately. Please try to fix these issues, even if it means no heroes for a month.

    +1 To remove the mute system, there already is a mute built into the scoreboard, why add another mute?

    +1 To fix the matchmaking for solo queuers (People should NOT have to 5 stack, overtime it gets boring playing with the same people, it gets annoying playing with rude people)

    I appreciate all feedback to my thread and I DO NOT appreciate trolls, people who haven't read the entire OP and understood it, and overall rude/disrespectful people.
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