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He wasn't asking for perfect MM. He was asking for a better MM algorithm that doesn't force a 50/50 winrate by grouping you with horrible players following a win streak.
This is true, however I wasn't even having a winstreak when it randomly started putting me with horrible players. I was in the very high mmr and being obedient to the 50/50 winrate however I just suddenly was paired up with bad players and it started getting worse and worse and its just bad all the time. It was so bad, I tried to work with the other players however they were rude and obnoxious. Due to the fact I used up all my reports I usually ask the other team to report them. For example "Please report (name) for intentionally feeding and/or communication abuse" then be done with it. For all I know I was muted because stacks think it would be funny to report the person being ailed by bad players. I have another thread on the whole false reports.