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Thread: My Game freezes

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    My Game freezes

    I played Dota 2 for about 2 weeks but from one day on the other as soon i press the "play" button after i selected a champion in a normal match the game starts to freeze. then after about 30 sec i get ingame but the game ceeps freezing. Botgames are working, but Lobby games are freezing too.
    My connection is ok and i dont have hardware issues that would explain such freezes.
    My hardware is: GPU: GeForce gtx 560 ti CPU: AMD Phenom || x6 1055t and 4gb RAM.
    I tried nearly everything, i looked in other threads, other forums, reinstalled the game, installed latest drivers, tried dota 2 on another steam account, checked my local data, tried different settings for the game but everything without a result.
    What can i do ? Pls help me

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    Quote Originally Posted by alphaeinheit View Post
    What can i do ? Pls help me
    Post in the right forum for a start. This is Gameplay Bugs not Tech Support.

    And it sounds very much like you have hardware issues.
    Quote Originally Posted by CvP View Post
    I usually directly send my feedback to valve dev/icefrog that is why you don't see me posting so much about these in here.
    Even the moderators don't see any point to posting on this forum.

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