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Thread: Steam fails and players unfairly punished for it.. wtf?

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    Angry Steam fails and players unfairly punished for it.. wtf?

    Hi there,

    So I was playing a really good match today, I was Witch Doctor, doing very well, no lag and then i suddenly time out and get kicked. I then realize Steam is offline, so obviously i can't get back into the game until Steam decides to reconnect. During this time I was browsing the internet so it was nothing to do with my line, Steam was the only thing that was offline. When Steam finally reconnected (5-10 mins later), I rushed to reconnect to my game only to find I had NO ITEMS and NO GOLD disabling me and making recovery impossible, abandonment and after the match I found out I had 24hrs low priority. Why am I being punished for something that wasn't my fault???

    Before coming over to DotA 2 I played LoL for over 2 years and NEVER have I been punished for a mistake on their side, infact the ONLY negative thing i got was a couple of abandoned games which was from connection problems on my side which I fully understand. I'm a good player, I always report flamers and always defend others that get bullied in game, yet I'm punished like this...

    I'd also like to add this is not the first time this has happened and I've also had Steam randomly deciding to do a client update in the middle of the match resulting in 1000ms ping followed by a disconnect and impossible to reconnect until the lag from the update is done, by which time the same bullshit as stated above would have happened.

    Obviously this needs to be given some serious attention and needs to be fixed asap, but in the meantime, isn't there atleast an admin who can review what happened and remove that stupid 24hrs low priority?? All it makes me wana do is go play something else until its lifted, i mean whats the point? You play a great game only to be rewarded with a middle finger. "Victory! Great job! For all your skill and effort, here's NO XP and NO LOOT!! Enjoy!" WTF? I haven't done anything wrong, why punish me like that??

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    Welcome to Dota 2, this happens yes. I got kicked out every 2 minutes because no steam log on abandoned 2 games. Literally can't do anything about it LPQ too...

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    welcome to my world !
    here in Iran , we face many of these problems , for example now , we can't join any game , and even if we join a game , most of us will get disconnected after hero pick , and will never be able to connect again to that server.

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    to fix no steam logon

    restart steam noob

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