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Thread: Banned from Talking

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    Banned from Talking

    Dear to whom it may concern,

    This is probably the wrong place to put this but Valve makes it very difficult to find a support page about matters such as these. I just got off a 24 hour chat ban. My team and several other people reported me for sitting in fountain since we were having arguments over who should jungle. I was overly aggressive and handled the situation poorly, so the first ban was deserved. But this last ban needs to be lifted. I need an admin or someone to look at the last match i just played and really look at it and see what i went through. Everythign was going fine and i thought the four people i was with (who were all friends on teamspeak btw) were getting along. Then all of a sudden i call a courier and they find it funny to keep taking control of the courier every time i called it. Eventually, they took my item out of the courier (i didn't even know this was possible) and they threw it somewhere on the map. This is when i lost my s**t. I was like "Where the hell is my item! This isn't funny!" Noe of them answered and when they did answer the yanswered sarcastically and spammed "isded" over and over. They reported me for abusing chat apparently and i was banned for another 48 hours. If this chat thing can't be lifted, i would at least like to see that the members of my team are banned for at least a few days. Oh and if my team friend requesting me at the matches end to chat with me and rub it in my face and tell me to drink bleach isn't enough to get them banned....then you lost a customer Valve. Thanks for your time. Sorry if this post in the wrong spot.


    I just went to Steams support. Valve is Steam so Steam's support is the same thing. I apologize for wasting forum space.
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