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Thread: Minimap pinging changed to from ! to X

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    Minimap pinging changed to from ! to X


    I have a weird change (or even bug) since the Patch from 14. June. When I press alt + leftclick mouse I normally did the common ping around the Map, like others do, too. But now everything is different:
    When I press this buttons I now have a X-Symbol instead of the !-Symbol. Also the soundeffect changed and it does not have any effect when I use this on items or building (like defend here and shield-symbol on minimap, when I click on a tower). It is just a stupid X. I tried to ask people in game.. but they also were confused. Noone seems to know this. and it sucks.

    What can I do??

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    Are you using the right alt on your keyboard?

    Left alt is ping, ctrl + alt is the X ping, right alt is basically ctrl+alt so that might be your problem.

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    Ok, it looks like this comes closer to the problem. Like you said it does what it has to do..

    i play in a different way and so i always used the right-alt to ping. The whole time it was like the left-alt. Since the patch it's now the x-ping. Is it possible to change this like i used it before? would be better to handle in game.

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    why cant i disable quick cast to get my ping back?

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    still no answer? is it possible to change it?

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    Not at the moment. You'll just have to use left alt for now.

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