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Thread: error "warning connection problems"

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    error "warning connection problems"

    Hi guys, recently there was a problem in dota2, I go to the game, ping ~ 80 but is actually 900 if the hero does not move, the messages are not written, an error "warning connection problems" for a few seconds and disappears, and the game will hang on one point ... Sometimes it runs without any problems, but almost always is, I'm trying to play through matchmaking is still the same problem, the problem is most dota2.
    Help please..

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    I'm also having a problem with Dota 2. Keep showing ''Warning: Connection Problem IP: xxx xxx xxx, disconnecting in 25seconds'' in red on top right corner of my screen. Then whole screens goes freeze, with everyone creep, hero and enemy running on the same spot. Last hit with no sound nor the sound of gold coins. Next moment, everything is restored in super fast speed with my hero either dead or in a completely different spot.

    Need Help!

    Everyhope(in game name)

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