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Thread: Downfall of Dota 2

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    The current system is really easy to abuse. Even worse... It creates sense of fear in the players that if they speak their mind they might get banned. This is horrible atmosphere in a game. I'm playing for fun and I don't want to be restricted in what I'm saying(at reasonable level ofc), because if I hurt someone's ego I am not allowed to speak for a week what every dota player is feeling right now
    Remove mute system NOW
    If someone's feelings are hurt, he can already mute the offending player with 2 clicks.
    Auto mute will be this game's downfall if it stays

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    Quote Originally Posted by _deadshot View Post what every dota player is feeling right now
    Not really

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    I want to talk to someone who feels the need for a muting system when there is a perfectly good mute button in the game? which not only mutes them for that game, but for every game after that you may play with them? Like.. what? Why do i have to be scared of getting muted when my teams decides 3 carries isn't enough? or this cm needs her farm for god knows what.

    How does someone who picks a 4th carry not get a bigger punishment when they are ruining the game more then those who type a bit of abusive text.. 'sticks and stones'. WHICH can be muted manually anyway! But I have to play with some feeder who calls mid with a shitty mid hero? Is text abuse really such a big issue? Is Dota 2 really becoming all sensitive to this? Its the internet, get over it.

    Btw, I myself haven't ever been muted before, nor have I reported anyone for talking shit. Sure I have manually muted people, and people to me, but i find myself unmuting them when I play with them again anyway. because maybe I was off that day, or even learnt not to do something that fks up my team.

    just my 2 cents to try and better this game that I don't want to turn into a game for people with sand in their vagina's.

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    Imagine if this system was implemented in Starcraft2 or League of Legends, or any other mainstream game.

    Once you do that, you'll probably understand why muting is a ridiculous punishment. If you don't, your probably devoid of critical thinking skills / mentally retarded. Either way, gg, i look forward to you dumbfucks in my games.

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    working as intended

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