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Thread: [Confirmed] Shadowblade bonus damage should override autocast orbs

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    [Confirmed] Shadowblade bonus damage should override autocast orbs

    You can test it yourself very easily. Surprised no one found this bug by now.. and yes it is a bug since for example Burning Spear and Glaives of Wisdom do proc the Shadowblade bonus damage.

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    Shadowblade never procs with any orb walker's orbs in DotA1.
    Frost Arrows, Burning Spears, Arcane Orb, Glaives of Wisdom, Searing Arrows, Poison Attack and Impetus, non of them proc together with Shadowblade's bonus damage, since both are buffplacers.

    However in DotA1, if you make a simple right-click to break the invis, with orb on auto-cast, the attack projectile looks like the orb's projectile, but does not apply that orb, but deals the 150 backstab damage from Shadow blade.

    If you break invis with manually casting an orb, the attack will apply that orb and not deal the backstab damage.
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    However we should probably aim for consistency... So I'd expect valve to either change this or change the other orbs.

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    added to sticky (the override orb thing).
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