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Thread: Slardar's ult on Blade Fury.

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    Exclamation Slardar's ult on Blade Fury.

    Blade Fury is immue-most skills, but Slardar's skill is still useable when Blade Fury is on.

    Slardar level 6, learn skill Amplify Damage
    Juggernaut use skill Blade Fury
    Slardar use skill Amplify Damage on Juggernaut.

    Juggernaut is affected by Amplify Damage while Blade fury

    Expected Result:
    Juggernaut is immue this magic

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    This may be the case in Dota but, technically the skill is physical (only affecting physical stats). Turning on blade fury with it applied should remove the buff, yes, but I'm not sure about your situation.
    One could argue that because it has a physical effect, it is cast-able through the blade fury.

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    Checking on playdota to avoid false info would be nice:
    • Works on magic immune units.
    Every time someone make a false report.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RoflCat View Post
    Checking on playdota to avoid false info would be nice:
    • Works on magic immune units.
    Oh, ok, then sry for posting a fact as a bug. I will pay more attention next time. Thank you.

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