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Thread: Trolling games for the next week

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scotsh View Post
    So... lets see

    I rest my case...
    Lol, you don't even know the meaning of troll.

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    Then I want to say that the mute system got my 2 days ago. I had a 24 hour ban. I never flamed people so far. I make fun in all-chat but always on an intelligent and funny way at no costs of other people.

    Many of my friends told me that they were banned for no reason, I always said:"yeah buddy, of course ". But now I was muted myself - for no reason.

    The Ban was set up for 24 hours. I said to myself: calm down, this time is over in no time at all. After 2 days in which my winrate was lowered from 53% to 52,5% (2200 games) my bantime should have been over at 02:00 am CET yesterday. At this time I was sleeping. In the afternoon I started DotA 2 and knew the time is over now. Signed in for a game, accepted, wrote:"sup bot" and read:"...muted for 38 hours left..."

    So I was banned for 24 hours. The time expired for like 10 hours, where my game was closed. I came online and was banned for another 38 hours. I was not able to write or say a single word in the meantime.

    The same issue told also some friends to me, untill now I replied to them:"yeah buddy, sure "

    Since 2 hours I am now in this Forum reading threads and posts from hundred to thousand people with similiar issues and then I have to read in a proportion from 1 to 100 a post from a guy like Bleako. "Deal with it, you sure deserved it." "Why you even play Dota 2? xDDD"

    And now, my friends, tell me how to stay calm and help evolving the community? Try to stay calm and ignore the real abusers and bad people in here? Try to stay calm and don't start flaming?


    The only thing I want to say now: Bleako you are a cocksucking piece of shit.

    God that feels about right.
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    Becasue Fuck You

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moodie View Post
    TThe only thing I want to say now: Bleako you are a cocksucking piece of shit.
    actually in most games/forums you are pretty much free to say anything you want in-game but you have to be polite in their forums, else tha banhammer will drop on you. On the other hand we have volvo and doto2!

    btw i just reported a zeus not only because he came mid while i picked pudge, but he was last spelling all the enemies that i would kill. i cant wait for my unmute and at least for a game, i will actually express my feelings.

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