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Thread: Main Menu Interface is broken

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    Main Menu Interface is broken

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    Today when I started playing dota 2 I realized that the interface is doing very weird things. The whole main menu for the match making screen is being contorted, smudged and bounced up and down. I do not know if it is my computer's problem or if it is the game. I tried to fix it by verifying the cache through steam; it didn't work. Then I tried to restart steam, restart my computer, even re install dota 2. Still, when I checked it this afternoon it still didn't work. Although I am able to enter and play the game, the HUD is also broken in the same way. After a whole day of trying to get it to work I am extremely frustrated. And now I am still trying to find out if it's my graphics card or the game's problem

    dota 2 bug 1.jpg

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    I have the same problem. Updated video card drivers, re-installed steam and dota. Updated Java, DirectX. Nothing helped. Does anyone know how to fix it?


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    Post your PC specifications, especially your graphics card.

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    I had the same but problem fixed itself...

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