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Thread: I'm trying to play, but it just doesn't work out.

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    I'm trying to play, but it just doesn't work out.

    I've been playing dota a long time, I love the game.
    It was always kinda of an ordeal to get games to "work out" smoothly when playing pubs with completely random people.
    You often play against 5 stacks and u have no idea who's with u and what their skill, there are leavers and lack of communication and throwers and non-english speakers, anything can happen.

    But nonetheless, I usually manage to play, like we all do. Whether it was in Dota1 days, or when I played HoN for a while, or until recently in Dota2.

    But recently something's changed.
    I don't know if it's the changes in the MM system that have been said to be slowly implemented, or the rise in popularity, or just pure chance, but lately it's becoming more and more tedious to play this game.

    Today's example, which broke a record:
    I waited 5 minutes for a match (I search for CM+RD in both US and EU). I found a game and got in, one person failed to load and we got thrown out. That's almost 10 minutes so far.
    Then I waited about 5 minutes more, got into a game, and while picking heroes (RD), a leaver emerged. By the time we finished picking he abandoned intentionally, and following him, 8 out of the 10 did as well. That's another 10-15 minutes. 20-25 minutes so far.

    I got back in queue, getting another game after like 7 minutes, CM this time. We start the picking process. I was teamed up with trololoobs who wanted Drow, Sniper, Viper, Weaver, after our team already had Naix+SB picked. They went on to flame me nonestop for not picking those heroes and picking seer, jak, and batrider instead. I'm no progamer, but I believe those picks were better than getting drow, weaver and sniper? I donno anymore.

    The game started. Our jakiro started walking around aimlessly around the map, after a few minutes he left the game. We traded pauses with the other idiot team for about 2 minutes until none of us had pauses left, and after that was done, we played for 5 minutes more until jakiro's timer ran out. At that point both the flamers left the game, leaving me and another player, alone. He got ganked, and left. I left at that point, wasting another, in total, over 25 minutes of my time.

    So, that's close to an hour of useless frustration, and at that point I just said fuck it, I'm out.

    I genuinely lost interest in playing, just because of the crappy situations that happen in this matchmaking system.

    I don't know what can be done against it, but seriously, there must be some sort of a better solution to this... I do remember "easier" times, so something must be changed now to cause this sort of thing to happen. It's not the first time, it's only the first time I'm here to complain about it.

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    Most players play all pick. Next big options are single draft and then all random I believe. (Judging by my wait time and what I get.)

    By queuing for unpopular modes your search ranged will be increased meaning you will be matched with players with a big skill difference. This makes it likly you will be queuing with new players/leavers.

    The problem would be sold if there is a bigger playerbase and more people playing different modes. If you are good/dedicated and so one chance are you will be playing with one.

    General tip: If you have been queuing for too long, change your filters. Chances are the match will be imbalanced/there will be leavers.
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    All pick is just trash though, picks are ridiculous and there's no teamplay. Most players are pretty dumb and since All Pick is the most popular, more often than not you will get a bunch of idiots in there.

    SD and AR seem to produce similar results... while SD is usually better than the other 2.

    I play RD and CM because I believe that's where the game's picking method is best, most balanced to random pub games, and up until recently it really was... but lately, the game's just one big clusterfck.

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