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Thread: Children making FAKE REPORTS to mute innocent players.

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    Children making FAKE REPORTS to mute innocent players.

    The mute system is working, but it's flawed due to false reports.

    I came up with something which I think is more reasonable to minimize such occurrences.

    This is currently the report system:

    "Now just because getting reported happens in one game session, it doesn't mean that one player (A) should get muted altogether. If however, in a different game with a different set of team-mates, that same player (A) is reported again, then that should suggest at the very least a suspicious pattern of behavior in said player. And only when such pattern of behavior is exposed by different sets of team-mates can the mute system be implemented."

    I think this can be added as a tweak:

    1. Give individual players the option to voice-block (not mute) a certain team-mate they don't want to hear talking. The effect is immediate, so the player does not have to listen to the other for the duration of the game. This would be a one-way mute where the player (B) will not hear another player (A) without muting said player (A) to the other team-mates. In theory, there would be a maximum of 4 players simultaneously voice blocking 1 player (A).

    2. This action also doubles as a report for voice abuse.

    3. A team should not be able to voice-block or report for voice abuse a player in the other team. That makes no sense.

    4. Players can be voice blocked only if they enabled 'voice' on their DOTA profile settings. That way, some innocent player cannot be muted by the system due to false reports. (Is this already in effect though?)

    5. A player will receive a warning for attempting to voice-block or report another player for voice abuse if the reported player does not even have voice enabled.

    This should minimize the false-positives.

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    well played

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    Agreed, just made a post like this. Need to remove this stupid system

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    I'm also against the Mute-System and agreed with your Ideas, but why do you say that ''childs'' make false reports??? not all adults are ''well-behaved''.
    Everyone is unique, so there is no way to use childs as doing something bad.
    Just my opinion..

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    I was in this game and someone paused the game to spam "Well played!" for a while. That was pretty obnoxious. Your system isn't capable of handling such situations, so it needs some more work.

    Unless you specifically meant voice reporting, which isn't even a thing any longer, so then I'm straight up confused.
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