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Thread: [Intended?] Dropped items do not block pathing for windwalking units

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    [Intended?] Dropped items do not block pathing for windwalking units

    This is honestly probably intended (because of how weird the interaction is), but in either case it should be written up and documented as such, so I'm reporting this anyway.

    Summary: In DotA 1, dropped items block pathing for units that have gained unitwalking from Wind Walk. This includes units with Phase Boots active. It does not affect units that are not in a Wind Walk state--other forms of invisibility such as Permanent Invisibility path normally.

    Steps to reproduce:
    1) Pick a hero with a Wind Walk based skill, or pick any hero and buy Phase Boots
    2) Buy a lot of items and create a wall of them that would block pathing
    3) Activate Phase Boots/Wind Walk and attempt to walk through the wall of items

    Result: You path through the wall of items normally
    Expected Result: The wall of items blocks your pathing

    Notes: - Old PlayDotA thread on the issue - Recent WoDotA Top 10 showing the interaction @ around 4:45.

    Again, this is probably an intended change, but I figured this should be documented either way.

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    LOL I confirm I have no idea why... That's kind of awesome.

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    added to intended changes list.

    seems a bit too arbitrary to me.
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