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Thread: I can't play anymore..

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    I can't play anymore..

    Hey guys,
    as soon as I start a match (normal or lobby match) there comes the message: WARING: Connection Problem(
    The game freezes, just like you got a dc. After 10 sec. it moves for a brief sec. then it frezzes again.
    But although the Connetion Problem is showing, my Ping is completely normal when i test it and everything workes perfect (You Tube, Spotify, Ts)
    I looked at the connection resolutions but i couldn't figure out what my prob is.
    What can i do ?

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    Try verify game cache, reinstall dota2, reinstall steam.

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    Update video drivers, turn off antivirus, reinstall windows, buy new PC, and if it doesn't help wait until Valve fix it.

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    i did all of that excpet buying a new pc

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