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Thread: "Find Match" Button Missing

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    "Find Match" Button Missing

    For the last 24 hours I've had no "Find Match" button.

    Tried restarting dota, restarting steam, resetting router, verifying cache files . . . no change.

    The button reappeared if I was invited to a party by a friend, however would be gone when I restarted dota.

    Also found that if I invited a friend to a new party, the button will show up again.

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    i have that problem too2013-06-24_00001.jpg

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    y me too...

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    I have the same problem too. The button appears again after a while but I wonder what causes it.

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    Along with "Dota 2 currently offline", mine has started doing this too. Please fix, I would like to actually play the game, not sit in the UI all day long.

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    Happened to me. Restarting Dota through steam did it.
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    Just to clarify, there was never any "win rate" calculation. Ever. It is true that a goal of matchmaking is to make even teams. The matchmaker also will raise your Elo and try to put you in players of equivalent skill, which indirectly tries to get the win rate to 50%. However, it has never looked at your historical win rate and put you in a game where it knew that you were expected to lose.
    Is every post on this forum about the Dunning-Kruger effect?

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    was about to report it and found this one.
    had to restart the game... shame bug!

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    I know this is an old thread but this has started to happen to me the last two days or so. Closing Dota and reopening through steam fixes it.

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    Happened to me too. Had to relog to fix it.
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