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Thread: Buying a recipe while dead will not complete the item upon respawn

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    Buying a recipe while dead will not complete the item upon respawn

    Buying a recipe while dead (or possibly before dying) will not complete the item upon respawn. The recipe and all required parts would just sit in my inventory (or recipe in stash if inventory full). Dropping and taking the recipe or any of the parts would not do anything. One time I was able to complete the item by putting the recipe on the courier and delivering it, but the other two times I had to sell the recipe and buy it again, which was the only way to complete the item. I've had this bug three times in the last two days now. I will try to capture this on a screenshot the next item I see it.

    1) Have all the parts except recipe in your inventory before death.
    2) Die.
    3) Buy the recipe while dead.

    Upon respawn your recipe will either be in your stash or your inventory.

    The parts and the recipe should combine into another item automatically.
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    Can confirm this. The item will be completed if all the required parts are placed into any other inventory (including an allied/enemy hero), however will not assemble on the players own hero or in their stash. Additionally, if you drop everything from your stash and then manually pick it up on respawn, the item will assemble as per normal.

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    This mainly happens if you die whilst in a fountain since you can move things from your stash to your inventory if your dead body is in fountain space.

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