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Thread: Meepo hotkeys

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    Meepo hotkeys

    Just got done playing Meepo, one of my favorites for dota 1, and he was not nearly as fun to play as dota 1. Reason being there is not way to scroll through selected units. Or one I have not found out of yet. If any one can tell me how much appreciated. If there is not a way then we need to make one because the only way to switch from meepo to meepo was clicking on the portraits but then the rest of the meepos were not selected to attack.

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    They took off the F1->F5 being binded to the meepos but you can easily switch between your current group with tab. Also, if you have only 1 of your meepos selected, you can switch between all of them by using tab. When I play meepo I also make tons of control group, binding every meepo to 1-5 then all of them to 6 and then some smaller groups like meepo 1-2 to group 7, meepo 3-4 to 8 and such.

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    heres one that i like ... since E and R aren't really used, I have E as main meepo, R as clones, and D as all meepos.

    F&G are 2 meepos each. 1-5 are individual meepos

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